HLAB理事 黒川 清より

The aim of the HLAB is to provide a model for life-long learning, for engaging society in meaningful ways, and for making a difference in the world. Liberal arts education draws on the rich histories of human wisdom common to all cultures, as evidenced by a nation’s philosophical, religious, scientific and social traditions. What are the values that shape the decisions we make, and what new skills are needed to respond to the challenges of rapid technological and social change in an increasingly interconnected world? By emphasizing critical thinking, freedom of expression and experimentation, students will learn to make decisions that positively impact society and to develop meaningful ways of working in a globally connected marketplace. A liberal arts education prepares students for the leadership roles that will shape future generations.


Kiyoshi Kurokawa (黒川 清)

Chair, Impact Foundation Japan
Academic Fellow, National Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies